Career Counselling

Deciding on a career path can be stressful for teenagers, as they feel that any decision they make during their late teens or even early twenties might seal their options for the rest of their working lives. The transition that leads from school to the working world can be rough or smooth depending on a combination of advice given, personal focus and whether expectations of working life are met.

Not all young people are fortunate enough to know what they want to do in order to seek out the correct guidance or training to pursue a particular career. At SmartLife Solutions, we are dedicated to giving students advice and guidance to assist them in choosing a career path which suits their abilities and fulfils their aspirations in life.

  • Careers Advice
  • Specialized Assessment of each student
  • Private school and Lyceum module choices



This first casual meeting provides us with the opportunity to get to know one another. We introduce you to SmartLife Solutions and to the various services we can offer based on your individual needs.


Striving to be respected, our values are based on :

  • Responsibility, both social and cultural. Our responsibility is to make a difference, going beyond the existing boundaries of our persona and organisation.
  • Ethical and professional standards. We operate with professionalism and integrity, working within codes of conduct and ethical guidelines, always in the best interest of the client.
  • Service Excellence. Our motto is to deliver services of a superior quality to our clients.
  • People-centred existence. Our people-centred focus is our team’s motivation driver, striving for perfection in a unified manner.
  • Endurance. Success comes to those who possess the discipline of endurance, concentrating patience for an envisioned outcome.
  • Caring. It is only through the capacity to care that friendships and trusting relationships are born.
  • Trusting relationships. “Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.” Ralph Emerson. Our focus is on the building of sustainable relationships with customers, which will generate even greater synergies.
  • Education orientated. To learn is to transform. Education is a process that transforms the learner, with its aim being not knowledge but action.
  • Dynamic. Creative intellectual activity requires a dynamic force in order to transcend through time.


We aim to groom the workforce of the future by:

  • Sparking awareness among young people of the possibilities of personal and professional achievement.
  • Providing Smart Solutions at crucial stages in career development.
  • Providing maximum quality service.
  • Maintaining win-win relationships with all.
  • Preserving the highest ethical and professional standards


Career Counselling