Smartlife Solutions

Self development on every level

SmartLife Solutions is a Cyprus-based company that provides clients with a fully integrated and professional range of individual services, catered to assist individual career and corporate development. Being steered by our guiding principles, which have long been embedded in our culture and philosophy, we seek to foster innovation and life-long learning, ultimately aiming to become an integral part of our clients’ growth.

Our Values

Striving to be respected, our values are based on:


Responsibility, both social and cultural. Our responsibility is to make a difference, going beyond the existing boundaries of our persona and organisation.

Ethical and professional standards. We operate with professionalism and integrity, working within codes of conduct and ethical guidelines, always in the best interest of the client.

Service Excellence. Our motto is to deliver services of a superior quality to our clients. 

People-centred existence. Our people-centred focus is our team’s motivation driver, striving for perfection in a unified manner.

Endurance. Success comes to those who possess the discipline of endurance, concentrating patience for an envisioned outcome.

Caring. It is only through the capacity to care that friendships and trusting relationships are born.

Trusting relationships. “Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.” Ralph Emerson. Our focus is on the building of sustainable relationships with customers, which will generate even greater synergies.

Education orientated. To learn is to transform. Education is a process that transforms the learner, with its aim being not knowledge but action.

Dynamic. Creative intellectual activity requires a dynamic force in order to transcend through time.

Despo Kyprianou


A firm believer in lifelong learning, Despo Kyprianou, is a prime example of how this is done. A Diploma in Business and Management has enabled her to consolidate the education, knowledge and experience gained over four decades, in impressively diverse industries, both in Cyprus and abroad, to provide Clients with a broad range of value-adding services. 

Her areas of expertise include Business Planning, HR Management, Training & Development and Marketing. She also has a Joint Honours Degree in French & German, as well as a TEFL qualification and has attended numerous other teacher training courses offered by Cambridge University and the British Council, which she has used to offer high-quality Business and Academic English Training to school leavers and adults.  SmartLife Solutions was born from the desire to assist youngsters in their search for an inspiring future and to encourage them to continue learning throughout their Career

As a Certified Trainer by the Human Resources Development Authority in Cyprus, Despo is able to further contribute to people’s personal and professional development through soft skills and management trainings, thus guiding them through their journey and providing solutions for a “smarter life”.

Gerhard Vysoky


Since 1989, Gerhard Vysoky has been a Managing Partner of a diverse global organisations.

Over the years, Gerhard Vysoky has established successful companies in developing countries, with blue chip organisations, primarily in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry. Key areas of focus include Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing and Advertising.

The experience gained throughout the years by Gerhard Vysoky’s involvement in developing countries, has subsequently led to consulting in areas such as: Risk profiling, Market entry strategy, Legal framework, Investment strategy and Corporate relationships. With a broad international network of global companies and industries, worldwide business relationships have been established throughout the years to include close links with governments and government officials, diplomats and leaders in industry and finance.

Career Counselling

Dream bigger and reach further

Deciding on a career path can be stressful for teenagers, as they feel that any decision they make during their late teens or even early twenties might seal their options for the rest of their working lives. The transition that leads from school to the working world can be rough or smooth depending on a combination of advice given, personal focus and whether expectations of working life are met. 

Our comprehensive assistance will alleviate the stress from an otherwise overwhelming task for both students and parents.

  • Careers 
  • Specialized Assessment of each student
  • Private school and Lyceum module choices

Our objective

Our objective is to groom the workforce of the future by:

  • Sparking awareness among young people of the possibilities of personal and professional achievement.
  • Providing Smart Solutions at crucial stages in career development.
  • Providing maximum quality service.
  • Preserving the highest ethical and professional standards

School and University Placements

know better to do better

At SmartLife Solutions we aspire to motivate people to reach further and dream bigger, thus achieving their full potential. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a highly personalized service to each student to make sure that the right choice of school or university is made:

Detailed Research on schools/universities and course options

Our independent research takes into consideration your priority list which can include ranking, the curriculum, safety, cost of living and location. This stage is critical and helps you to be more confident with your choice in school or university.

Assistance with Personal Statement

This unique service guides you through every stage of the essay writing process from brainstorming to final editing.

School and University Applications

We complete and submit your school and university applications on your behalf

Student Accommodation Service

We help you to find suitable accommodation, based on individual preferences, either on campus or in private accommodation.

Student Loan Guidance

We advise students on funding possibilities and assist in the application procedure. Information on scholarships is also provided.

Translation Services

We provide assistance with the translation and certification of academic transcripts where necessary.

Preparatory Courses

International Summer Schools

We provide children between the ages of 12 and 18 with the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Apart from offering language training, many summer schools now boast a number of programmes which satisfy students’ needs, both on a personal and academic level, thus preparing them for a successful future.

Summer school courses include:


  • Preparation for a career in business, law and finance
  • Oxbridge preparation programmes
  • Language plus art or sports activity
  • Education taster programme
  • Pre-university programmes

Foundation Programmes

We provide students with the opportunity to enter a discipline of their choice, even if they have not studied the relevant subjects or achieved the necessary grades at school required for an undergraduate degree. Many universities guarantee direct entry to their undergraduate programmes upon successful completion of the foundation year.  A foundation year certificate provides the students wider entrance possibilities. The foundation year also provides students with the opportunity to improve their language skills and to become accustomed to university life. 

Extended programmes also provide students with the necessary knowledge in subjects they have not taken before.

IELTS Preparation Courses

Accepted by more than 10.000 institutions worldwide as evidence of English language proficiency.

Our targeted training:

  • Provides you with access to undergraduate and postgraduate English taught programmes in countries like the UK, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Australia
  • Improves your English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in a practical way
  • Teaches important academic skills which help you succeed at university

Our competitive advantage:

  • English is our trainers’ first language
  • The training accommodates students’ individual needs


Increase Your Competitive Advantage

SmartLife Solutions offers leading edge training courses for executives and staff that will improve your competitive position. All training courses are researched and developed by our HRDA approved trainers in order to assimilate the latest thinking in business and management techniques. Our trainings and seminars can be based either at offices, which ensure participants an augmented learning experience, or at our client’s premises. 

Our trainings cover the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Soft Skills
  • Hospitality Management
  • Business English/English for specific purposes